Why Connect with Book Bloggers and How To Do It!

​ Many indie writers understand how necessary it is to create a great piece of work, an intriguing title, an enticing cover, and exciting description. All very much undervalued aspects of marketing your book. Many go so far as claiming their Amazon and Goodreads author pages. Then they start to get a little edgy. The … Read more

Self-Publishing Weekly Roundup: Book Bloggers

This week I blogged about book bloggers and how to best find them and connect with them for your book marketing efforts. During my research I came across a number of helpful articles that may help you create a personalized strategy for connecting with book bloggers. Here are my picks of the articles most worth … Read more

A Very Cool (Free) Tool to Sell More Books

asian-594582_640We could all do with some help selling our books, right?

I dunno if you are at the stage where you’ve realized that the bigwigs (the original publishing companies) used to sell books by way of throwing money at advertising. Because it worked.

Then social media and self publishing exploded.

And whilst that’s been a good thing in general, it’s brought its own issues.

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Creating a Successful Non Fiction Kindle Book

42There are many non fiction categories found on Kindle that have lots of buyers. You can find non fiction books on business and leadership or self help topics. You can find books on health and books on crafts or cooking.

Some writers say that non fiction doesn’t bring in the same kind of money that fiction does, but there’s no doubt that this category still sees tons of revenue. If you’ve never written a non fiction book, here are some tips to make your Kindle process go smoothly:

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The Only 5 Kindle Self Publishing Tips You’ll Ever Need

pay-634910_640Kindle publishing is an awesome platform for authors to use to get their books out into the public eye. There’s no fee for you to publish and your creation is on a very popular, highly trafficked website filled with buyers whose credit card info is on file – giving the impulsive reader a chance to buy your book with a single click.

Whenever you decide to self publish on Kindle, you need to know a few tips to make the process go smoothly. They range from topic selection to maintaining sales are made over time.

Tip #1: Understand the Long Term Commitment You’ll Be Making

[bctt tweet=”Some people mistakenly believe they can make a fortune with a thoughtless, quick book on Kindle”] They think if you write a quick book and stick it up on Amazon it will make them money for years to come. If you want to do this right, you have to realize that you need to be committed to promoting this creation.

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Getting Your Book’s Font Right

best fonts for books

One of the things that sets aside writers who are really determined to create a great book from those who just hope to create a great book is the use of typography. In the good ole days of printers, before we all got this enormous opportunity to self publish, there were far fewer fonts available. The only media through which we were likely to see a font was in print, and setting the little printing blocks (type setting) that would press the ink into the paper was a serious job.

Now we are virtually swimming in fonts! Amazon even created heir own, called Bookerly. The idea behind Bookerly is that the font helps readers’ eyes glide easily across the text while taking everything in.

If this all seems like a bit much effort, or you hadn’t given this idea much thought before, check out this rather amusing video:

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